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Ethos - Hand Tied Weft - Blended Curl

Bohyme Ethos

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Elevate your hair artistry with the limited edition Bohyme Ethos Blended Curls. Designed specifically for hair professionals, this limited edition hand tied weft set showcases our meticulous craftsmanship, gentle processes, and use of high-quality Remi hair from our Ethos collection. Add one of a kind curls without compromising the health of your natural hair.

✨ Utilizes the highest quality Remi hair from the Bohyme Ethos collection

✨ Longer-lasting curl patterns due to the improved curl formation processing method

✨ Discover unique platinum color blends

✨ New and improved color process reduces color bleeding for lasting vibrancy

✨All pieces are handcrafted creating one of a kind curl patterns

  • Curl patterns may vary as each piece is made individually and is handcrafted.
  • Slight color bleeding may occur upon first wash, but this will not affect the hair color itself. When washing, always use cold water as hot water will open the cuticle, letting the color to rinse out.
Amount Of Bundles (18"-22"):
8 - 6
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