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Private Reserve - Machine Tied Weft - Textured Egyptian Wave

Bohyme Private Reserve

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Egyptian Wave is finally available in the Bohyme Private Reserve collection! There were so many requests from stylists around the world to create an even higher quality version. The amount of work required to achieve the Egyptian Wave's soft, natural, and unique waves is immense, but very worth it. The Private Reserve Egyptian Wave provides the following:

  • Fullness from weft to ends
  • Improved color purity
  • Organic cotton thread for a thinner, durable, and more sustainable weft

The Bohyme Egyptian Wave provides a perfect blend of loose, gentle waves and natural hair texture. Organic movement and a soft, beautiful sheen further add to the simple elegance of the Egyptian Wave hair extensions.

Weft Length
10" ~78" - 81"
12" ~77" - 80"
14" ~71" - 75"
16" ~64" - 68"
18" ~62" - 67"
22" ~60" - 64"

Up to 30% thinner than industry machine-tied wefts
Cut to custom sizes

Machine Tied
Pieces Per Pack:
114 Grams
Hair Texture: